Togán Labs Joins OpenChain Partner Program

“From Togán Labs inception, we’ve been 100% focused on providing our customers with tools and processes that help them reduce their time to market without sacrificing the quality checks that would expose them to licensing related liabilities. Through our partnership with OpenChain, we’re looking forward to helping even more organizations bring their products to market…… Continue reading Togán Labs Joins OpenChain Partner Program

Announcing linux-raspberrypi-lts

We are pleased to announce the first release of the linux-raspberrypi-lts project from Togán Labs. This project aims to provide continuing support for the Linux® 4.4 long-term stable (LTS) kernel series with customisations for the Raspberry Pi platforms. These customisations include all work on the rpi-4.4.y branch of the official Raspberry Pi Linux kernel repository […]